Uttar Pradesh Power Distribution Network Rehabilitation Project: Key Facts

The ADB-funded Uttar Pradesh Power Distribution Network Rehabilitation Project is aimed at improving the quality and reliability of electricity supply in Uttar Pradesh. The project involves conversion of 65,000 km of rural low-voltage distribution lines from bare conductors to aerial bundle conductors and construction of a parallel network of 11-kilovolt feeders to separate the distribution of electricity between residential consumers and agriculture consumers.

Besides this, the Asian Development Bank also signed 132.8 million USD loan agreement to improve the quality of power supplied to businesses, industries and households in the state of Meghalaya.

About the UP-Power Distribution Network Rehabilitation Project

  • The project is to benefit seventy million people in more than 46,000 rural villages in Uttar Pradesh.
  • The project is to finance the construction 11 KV feeders covering a total length of 17,000 km. This will aid to separate the distribution of electricity between agriculture consumers and residential consumers.
  • The project will improve corporate governance, gender inclusivity and financial management capacity of the Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited.
  • The project will support “Power for All” initiative of the central government.
  • Under the project, the existing rural power distribution networks are to be upgraded to provide reliable supply to the consumers in rural Uttar Pradesh.

Power Sector in Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh experiences power crisis as the demand for electricity in the state exceeds supply. In the last twenty years, the state of Uttar Pradesh experienced 10% to 15% of power shortages. The Uttar Pradesh State Government runs number of programmes such as Solar Energy Programme, Wind Energy Programme, Micro Hydel Programme, Solar Energy Programme, Energy Conservation Programme and Village Electrification Programme to increase energy access and renewable energy in the state.

In 2017, the state cabinet approved the first ever solar energy policy of the state. Under the policy the state government targets to generate 1000 MW of electricity through solar energy.


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