India to conduct VAIBHAV Summit

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi is to inaugurate VAIBHAV Summit on October 2, 2020. VAIBHAV is Vaishwik Bharatiya Vaigyanik Summit.


The summit is an initiative by Science and technology experts spread all over the world and working in academic organisations of India. It enables a deliberation on thought process and research and development culture focusing on problem solving approach. It will bring out a road map enabling knowledge of Global Indian researches towards emerging challenges.

The Summit is being conducted under the following theme

  • To bring Indian luminaries all over the world it to discuss and debate about  collaboration mechanism with their counterparts in India.
  • To bring together diverse academic cultures.
  • To strengthen aatma nirbhar Bharat initiative.

 Key facts

The Summit will bring out mechanism towards advancement in education and entrepreneurship as elements for sustainable development. The Summit is highly beneficial to non-resident Indian scientists with Global Outlook. The experiences of the scientist with Indian roads will play a vital role in atma nirbhar Bharat initiative.


The Summit will bring the non resident Indian scientists on a single platform. It will help them to debate on methods and collaboration mechanism to strengthen Science and Technology base in the country. The Summit will also add new dimensions to Atal innovation mission.

 Atal innovation mission

The Summit is to seek active support from Indian diaspora to develop skills of Indian aspirants in line with the new Educational policy. It also aims to provide an impetus objectives of Atal innovation mission by leveraging the experiences of International and Indian subject experts

About the Summit

In the current covid-19 scenario the key factors to boost research and development are complementary expansion, Cooperative development and interdisciplinary extension. The Vaibhav summit is to work on these three factors. More than 5500 academicians from 500 Global education institutions are to participate in a Summit. Their inputs will play a vital role in making India self-reliant.


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