BEL and Israel Aerospace to form JV

The Bharat Electronics Limited operating under the defence ministry recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) at the Aero India Air Show. According to the agreement, BEL and IAI will establish a joint venture. The JV will provide support to the missile defence system of the country.

About the Joint Venture

The JV will produce advanced phased array radar, interceptors, launchers, etc. These are all the supporting systems of a missile. The JV will mainly focus on MRSAM.

Why the focus is on MRSAM?

MRSAM is Medium Range Surface to Air Missile. It was jointly developed by DRDO and IAI.

MoU to build LORA

Apart from the JV, the countries also signed an MoU under which IAI will help BEL in producing the LORA weapon system. LORA is Long Range Artillery System. It is a sea-to-ground long-range ballistic missile launcher. It shall also provide support to ground-to-ground systems. It can launch missiles of multiple ranges, that is, between 90 km and 430 km. The maintenance costs of LORA are very less.

Way Forward

IAI subsidiary will be opened in India. And ASI (Aerospace Service India) is to be opened in New Delhi to help India achieve its Atma Nirbhar Bhrat goals.




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