Amazon Quiz Time Answers-25th May 2020

1. Nitish Bharadwaj who played Krishna in BR Chopra’s Mahabharat, also plays the title role in which of these mythological series?
Answer: Vishnu Puran

2. Which famous poet known for poems such as ‘Bidrohi’ and his work in the publication ‘Dhumketu’ was born on 24th May in Churulia, Asansol?
Answer: Kazi Nazrul Islam

3. General Atlantic, Vista Equity Partners, Silver Lake, Facebook – they are all recent investors in which Indian company?
Answer: Reliance Jio

4. Bheeshm International is a production house started by which famous television and film personality?
Answer: Mukesh Khanna

5. Sebastian Vettel will be leaving which historic F1 team at the end of this year’s delayed F1 season?
Answer: Ferrari

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