Aero – India 2023

The Defence Ministry has been organizing the Aero – India Show since 1996. Other organizations such as DRDO, the Indian Air Force, Civil Aviation, and the Department of Space join the ministry to organize the show. The show is one of the largest air shows in Asia. Service providers of Indian aerospace and other manufacturers exhibit their products. Buyers from different countries participate in the show. It is to be held at the Yelahanka Air Force Base near Bengaluru, Karnataka.


The Runway to a Billion Opportunities

About Aero India 2023

In 2023, big shots of the aviation sector will participate. This includes Boeing or the USA, Airbus of Europe, and other missile manufacturers from Europe.

The show is a biennial event. Means, it is held once in two years.


India aims to boost its defense exports using the show as an opportunity. The show will help the country expand its defense manufacturing units.


  • The first edition of the show was held in 1996.
  • Second edition was in 1998 at the Yelahanka Air Force Base.
  • The third edition was held in 2001 at the Yelahanka Air Force Base.
  • Fourth edition: 2003: Yelahanka Base
  • Fifth edition: 2005: Yelahanka base
  • Sixth: 2007: Yelahanka
  • Seventh: 2009: Yelahanka
  • Eighth: 2011: Yelahanka
  • Ninth: 2013: Yelhanka
  • Tenth: 2015: Yelahanka
  • Eleventh: 2017: Yelahanka
  • Twelfth: 2019: Yelahanka
  • 13th: 2021: Yelahanka



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