Zojila Pass and its Reopening: Important Facts

The Border Roads Organisation (BRO) has reopened the Himalayan Zojila Pass ahead of the usual schedule. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the reopening of the pass and its importance.

Significance of Zojila Pass

The Zojila Pass is a strategic link between Ladakh and Kashmir. It is the only road link that connects the Ladakh region to the rest of India. The pass is critical for the Indian Armed Forces’ operational preparedness in the region. The reopening of the pass will also help ease the transportation of essential supplies and trade between Ladakh and Kashmir.

The Closure of Zojila Pass

The Zojila Pass was closed for the past few months due to heavy snowfall. The closure led to the disruption of trade and supply flow between Ladakh and Kashmir. It also hampered the Indian Armed Forces’ operational preparedness in the region.

Snow Clearance Activities

The snow clearance activities were undertaken by Project Beacon and Vijayak, situated in Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh respectively. The BRO personnel worked tirelessly to clear the snow and debris from the road. They used advanced snow-cutting machines and other equipment to clear the snow.

Comparative Analysis

The Zojila Pass remained closed for just 68 days this year, compared to the last year’s 73 days of closure and 160 to 180 days in yesteryears. The BRO’s efforts in clearing the snow have helped in reducing the closure period of the pass.

Challenges Faced by BRO

The BRO personnel face several challenges while clearing the snow from the pass. The region experiences heavy snowfall, and the temperature drops to sub-zero levels. The personnel have to work in extreme weather conditions and difficult terrain. The lack of communication facilities and medical facilities in the region also poses a challenge to the BRO personnel.



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