Zero Discrimination Day 2023

Zero Discrimination Day is celebrated on March 1. The day is mainly celebrated by organizations like UNAIDS. The main objective of the day is to promote equality. The first Zero Discrimination Day was celebrated in 2014. It was launched by UNAIDS. The first Zero Discrimination Day celebrations were conducted in Beijing.

The theme of Zero Discrimination Day 2023

Save Lives: Decriminalize

Zero Discrimination Day in India

In India, activists use the day to speak against discrimination faced by the LGBT community.

Section 377 and Zero Discrimination Day

The day is used by Indian activists to raise voices to repeal section 377. The section was legislated by the Britishers. It penalizes sexual acts that are against nature, that is, homosexual activities. In 2018, the Supreme Court dismissed the section from the IPC. However, Parliament has not yet taken any action on this.  So internationally, the code hasn’t been repealed in India. In other former British colonies like Singapore, the act has been completely repealed.


The day first started focusing on HIV. However, it has now been extended to all forms of discrimination.




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