What is Hybrid Warfare?

Hybrid Warfare is a strategy used in the military. It includes the techniques of conventional warfare, cyber warfare, and irregular warfare. Today hybrid warfare techniques are increasing. Countries are using political influences to disrupt the governance of their enemy state, causing cyber troubles to the enemy state, and using other indirect measures to counter their enemies.

What is Hybrid Warfare?

It uses the following three warfare techniques

  • Conventional Warfare: Here conventional weapons and normal war field tactics are used. The forces primarily target the opponent and the fight is direct, face-to-face.
  • Irregular Warfare: Here the war is fought for legitimacy. It has a goal. It can be fought even within a state. Mostly, this warfare includes non-military actors
  • Cyber Warfare: Here the country makes cyber-attacks on enemy states. It can be on its military system or it can be on the civilian cyber hubs of the enemy country.

Why is the term coming up now?

BALTIC SEA PIPELINE EXPLOSIONS. In October 2022, the Nord Stream Pipeline exploded and leaked gases into the sea. The western world is blaming Russia and Russia suspects UK’s hands in the explosion. Suspicions began when the investigating officers found burnt explosives near the pipeline. Countries believe that the explosion might have been caused by their enemies to disrupt the normal functioning of their state. This is one of the techniques of hybrid warfare.



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