Vostok-2022 Military Exercises

According to China’s defence ministry, The People’s Liberation Army of China will participate in “Vostok-2022 strategic command and staff exercise” which is scheduled to take part in Russia. Armies of India, Tajikistan, Mongolia and Belarus will also take part in the exercise.

Important Facts about Vostok 2022:

  • The Vostok 2022 strategic command and staff exercise will take place from August 30 to September 5, 2022.
  • It will be held across 13 training facilities in Eastern Military District under the direction of Valery Gerasimov.
  • Indian Army has not yet issued an official statement on their participation in the exercise.
  • Chinese military participation in Vostok 2022 is not associated with current international and regional situation by any means. However, main objective of its participation is to strengthen practical and cordial relation with militaries of other participating nations, boost its capacity against various security threats and elevate its bar for strategic coordination.
  • Participating soldiers will rehearse maintaining military security in eastern region.

China–Russia relations:

China and Russia strengthened their diplomatic relation after the establishment of Russian Federation in 1991.  Land border between both the countries was demarcated in 1991. They inked Treaty of Good-Neighborliness and Friendly Cooperation in 2001. This treaty was renewed recently in June 2021 for five more years. Both the countries enjoy close military, economic, and political relations as well as extend support to each other on multiple global issues.



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