Air Marshal A.P. Singh-New Vice Chief of Indian Air Force

Air Officer AP Singh was recently appointed the Vice Chief of the Indian Air Force. Currently, Vivek Chaudhari is the Chief of the Indian Air Force. His predecessor Mr. Sandeep Singh demitted from his office (meaning resigned). Sandeep served for 39 years. He received a ceremonial guard of honor while he handed over the office.

About AP Singh

AP Singh is a former student of the National Defence Academy. He worked as a test pilot for more than 4,900 hours. He has fixed a number of rotary-wing aircraft during his service. He also served as the Commanding Officer of the MiG 27 squadron.

Air Marshal of India

Air Marshal is the second highest rank in the Indian Air Force. The officer carries three stars. The Air vice marshals carry two stars. The Air Marshals are superior to the Air Vice Marshals.

Chief of Indian Air Force

The Chief of the Indian Air Force is also called the Air Marshal or Air Force Chief. Before independence, the head of the Air Force was called by the name Air Marchal Commanding, Royal Indian Air Force. In 1948, the title was changed to“Chief of Air Staff, Royal Indian Air Force”. The term “Royal” was removed in 1950. Later the Commanders–in–Chief Act, of 1955 was passed. Under the act, the title was again renamed Chief of Air Staff. The Appointments Committee chaired by the PM of India appoints the air marshal.



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