Indo-Pacific: GK, Current Affairs, Questions, Trivia and News

Indian Ocean Commission

The Indian Ocean Commission recently admitted India as the 5th observer to the group. This is expected to bolster the Indo-Pacific vision. About the COI The Indian Ocean Commission (COI) was created in 1982 and institutionalised in 1984 by the Victoria Agreement. It is an intergovernmental organisation aimed at strengthening the friendship among the member ..

India-Myanmar Pacts

During the state visit of Myanmar’s president U Win Myint, 10 pacts were signed between the two neighbours in view of improving sub-regional connectivity in the Indo–Pacific region. Which two places are to be connected by the India-Myanmar cross border bus service? A cross border bus service is to be established between India and Myanmar ..

India, Australia reviews strategic ties

In the 2+2 secretarial talks, India and Australia had comprehensively reviewed their strategic ties, their regional security scenario and maritime cooperation. This dialogue was held between the secretaries of defence and foreign ministries of both the nations. The Defence Ministry had stated that both the nations have pondered over the regional security concerns and issues ..

What happened in Seoul Defence Dialogue 2019?

The Indian Defence Minister made a crystal clear statement about India’s military might on the sidelines of the Seoul Defence Dialogue 2019. The Defence Minister stated that while India has never been an aggressor nor attacked or initiated conflict with any nation, it would not hold back if any other country attacked it or attempted ..

India and ASEAN : Narrative about Indo-Pacific

At the 34th ASEAN summit, a document titled ‘ASEAN Outlook on the Indo-Pacific’ was released. It outlines the position of ASEAN on Indo-Pacific. Similarities and Parallels in Thoughts The ASEAN outlook envisages ASEAN centrality as the underlying principle for promoting cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region. This narrative is close to the Indian position articulated by PM Narendra ..

Indo-Pacific: Meaning and India’s Approach

The term Indo-Pacific denotes an economic and strategic community. Geographically it refers to the vast areas around Indian and the Pacific Oceans between the east coast of Africa and the American west coast and their several littoral countries. Genesis of the Term One of the earliest references to the term Indo-Pacific was noted in a ..

PM Modi to be the Guest at the Eastern Economic Forum

PM Modi has accepted the invitation by the Russian President Putin to be the main guest at the Eastern Economic Forum (EEC) to be held in September at Vladivostok, Russia. Eastern Economic Forum The Eastern Economic Forum (EEC) is an annual event held at Vladivostok, Russia to encourage foreign investment in the Russian Far East. ..

2019 edition of Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (Quad) attended by senior officials of India, US, Japan and Australia

In Bangkok , the 2019 edition of Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (Quad) was attended by senior officials of India, US, Japan and Australia to hold consultations on their collective efforts for a free, open and inclusive Indo-Pacific region and to reaffirm their shared commitment to preserving and promoting the rules-based order in the region. The four ..