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Poorna Malavath scales Sixth Tallest Peak

Poorna Malavath has conquered the six highest peak in six continents in succession after scaling the highest peak of Antarctica, Mount Vinson Massif on 26th December 2019. Poorna also holds the record for the youngest girl in the world to scale Mount Everest at the age of 13 years and 11 months back in 2014. ..

Denman Glacier: Deepest Point on Land found in Antarctica

The deepest point on the land of Earth has been identified under the Denman Glacier in East Antarctica. The glacier is a canyon completely covered with ice that reaches 3.5Km (11,500 ft) below the sea level, making it the deepest point on the land of our planet. Until today, the deepest point found on the ..

Australia discovers a network of lakes beneath Totten glacier in East Antarctica

The researchers from Australian Antarctic Program have discovered a network of lakes lying under the ice during their 160-day expedition to the Totten Glacier, the largest in eastern Antarctica. The lakes were detected by scientists setting off small explosives 2m below the surface of the Totten glacier and listening to the reflected sound. They are ..

A rift of the size of Grand Canyon discovered under Antarctic ice sheet

A rift of the size of the Grand Canyon has been discovered under the Antarctic ice sheet. According to the scientists the rift is contributing to ice melt and a consequent rise in the sea level. The rift is around 1.5 kms deep, 10 kms wide and 100 kms long. Scientist believe a melting West ..

India’s 3rd research station in Antarctica Bharti to be commissioned in 2012

Bharti is the name of third Research station commissioned by India at Antarctica. It will be the third and second active research station along with Maitri (active) and Dakshin Gangotri(abandoned, but used as supply base) for the nation. India has demarcated an area beside Larsemann Hills at 69°S, 76°E for its third settlement and second ..

Zeidora Antarctica : New Species among Molluscs

An uncommon species of “Mollusc” has been recently revealed in waters of the Antarctic by the researchers from Spain. The Mollusc looks like limpets but is larger in dimension. The discovered “Mollusc” species was named “Zeidora Antarctica”. Zeidora Antarctica 14 mm in length and was found at a depth of about 600 m in the ..