Endurance22 Expedition- Key Facts

The Endurance22 Expedition was recently departed on schedule from Cape Town. It is headed for Weddell Sea in Antarctica.

About Endurance22 Expedition

  • Endurance22 Expedition was departed by Falklands Maritime Heritage Trust.
  • It aims to locate, survey and film the lost ship of renowned polar explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton, wreck of Endurance.
  • Expedition will be at sea for 35 days, but if required, up to 45 days.
  • It will be run from SA Agulhas II, which is the South African icebreaking polar supply & research ship. It belongs to the South African Government and is managed by South African company African Marine Solutions (AMSOL).

Who leads the expedition?

The Expedition22 is led by Dr John Shears, who is a Polar geographer and explorer. Mensun Bound is the Director of Exploration. He is Falklands-born marine archaeologist.

How will Wreck of Endurance be located?

The wreck of Endurance is protected Historic Site and Monument under Antarctic Treaty. Team will be using SAAB’s Sabertooth hybrid underwater search vehicles for locating surveying and filming the wreck without disturbing or touching it. This technology combines the attributes of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs). It will be able to follow a pre-programmed course and will have no physical link to the surface. Remote operating vehicles (ROVs) will be used to send digital signals to the surface in real time, through a fibre optic cable.

Purpose of Sabertooths

On this expedition, Sabertooths will remain on their tether at all times, for preventing their loss under the ice. Expedition22 has the capability to deploy Sabertooths from the vessel itself. It can also be deployed from ice camps, which are established on suitable ice floes using two helicopters on board.

Aim of Endurance22 Expedition

Endurance22 expedition aims to bring the story of Shackleton, his ship and members of his team for new audiences.

Who will cover the events in real time?

Falklands Maritime Heritage Trust has partnered with video & content platform History Hit as well as digital content agency & media network Little Dot Studios, to cover the events in real time.



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