Telangana Launches State Robotics Framework

The Telangana government has launched the State Robotics Framework to establish a sustainable robotics ecosystem in the state.

Leveraging Robotics Technology in Key Domains

The Telangana government plans to leverage robotics technology in several key domains, including agriculture, healthcare, industrial automation, and consumer robotics. The State Robotics Framework outlines the vision for the development of the robotics industry in the state and aims to create a sustainable ecosystem.

Collaboration with the All India Robotics Association

The new framework was developed by the Emerging Technologies Wing of the ITE&C Department of Telangana in collaboration with the All India Robotics Association. The collaboration aims to foster innovation in the robotics industry and create a conducive environment for its growth.

Role of Telangana Robotics Innovation Center (TRIC)

The state government intends to establish the Telangana Robotics Innovation Center (TRIC) as an independent entity tasked with executing the crucial elements of the Framework. The TRIC will play a crucial role in promoting innovation and providing necessary support to startups and entrepreneurs in the robotics sector.

Robo Park for Startups

The new framework also plans to establish a Robo park that will provide testing facilities, co-working options, and co-production or manufacturing options to startups, either on sites owned by the state or in partnership with industry, academia, and incubators. The Robo park will offer startups the necessary infrastructure to develop their robotics products and services.

Robotics Accelerator for Startups

The Telangana government plans to establish a robotics accelerator to offer startups the necessary infrastructure, authorization support, market insights, investor connect, and mentorship support. The accelerator will help startups fast-track their growth and provide them with the necessary resources to succeed in the competitive market.

Ultimate Goal of the Framework

The ultimate goal of the Telangana government in launching the State Robotics Framework is to become a leader in robotics and promote a sustainable robotics industry in Telangana. The new framework aims to create a conducive environment for the growth of the robotics sector, foster innovation, and support startups and entrepreneurs in the state.

MoUs with Organizations to Showcase Robotics Ecosystem

The Telangana government has signed MoUs with five organizations, including academic institutions, industry associations, and incubators, to showcase its growing robotics ecosystem and attract investments from across the world under a Global Robotics Summit. The summit will provide a platform for startups and entrepreneurs to showcase their products and services, attract investors, and potential partners.





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