World Pulses Day, 2023

The United Nations and several other international organizations and countries celebrate World Pulses Day on February 10. The main objective of the celebration is to increase awareness of the nutritional benefits of pulses. Also, the day aims to promote the environmental benefits of pulses and how pulses can help countries in achieving their sustainable food delivery goals.

The theme of World Pulses Day 2023

Pulses for a Sustainable future

About World Pulses Day

The UN passed the resolution of celebrating World Pulses Day in 2013. It is led by the Food and Agriculture Organization. The fact that cultivating pulses provide employment to rural women is also propagated on this day.


Pulses are a good source of proteins. They are rich in fibre and very low in fats. Therefore, they are easily digested and keep you energetic. Pulses help to control sugar and also lower cholesterol.


The Food Security Mission aims to increase the production of three crops in the country. They are rice, wheat, and pulses. India gives importance to pulses as they increase the nitrogen content in the soil. Pulses fix more than 20-40 kg of nitrogen in the soil. Major pulses-producing states are AP, MP, UP, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Bihar, Gujarat, and Chhattisgarh.



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