Survey Report on Data Governance Quality Index

The Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways (MoPSW) has been ranked at the second position in the influential assessment known as the Data Governance Quality Index (DGQI). Administered by the Development Monitoring and Evaluation Office (DMEO) under NITI Aayog, the DGQI survey has the objective of evaluating the level of maturity of administrative data systems and their application in the decision-making process.

MoPSW’s Impressive Score

With an impressive score of 4.7 out of 5, MoPSW has demonstrated its commitment to excellence in data governance. The DGQI assessment covers six key areas, which are Data Generation, Data Quality, Technology Utilization, Data Analysis, Utilization and Distribution, Data Security and HR Capability, and Case Studies.

Role of National Technology Centre

The success of MoPSW in the DGQI assessment is attributed to the concerted efforts of the National Technology Centre for Ports, Waterways, and Coasts at IIT Madras. This technology center, established under the Sagarmala program, worked to improve MoPSW’s Management Information System (MIS) in compliance with DGQI standards. By enhancing data flow, improving data quality, and incorporating emerging technologies such as AI/ML, the MIS portals for five schemes of MoPSW were revamped.

Benefits of Data-Driven Decision-Making

Data-driven decision-making has significantly impacted MoPSW’s ability to identify reforms and achieve its goals. By leveraging reliable data, ministries can make informed decisions that lead to better outcomes for citizens. Accurate identification of trends and opportunities, cost-effectiveness, enhanced transparency, and improved tracking of progress are among the benefits highlighted.



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