First Employment Working Group Meeting

On the sidelines of hosting the 2023 G – 20 summit, the Government of India has been organizing various group meetings like Business20, Think20, etc. Now the GoI is to conduct the Employment Working Group Meet of G20. This is to be held in Jodhpur, Rajasthan. The Employment Working Group will discuss three things namely Global Skill gaps, sustainable financing to achieve social security, Social Protection, and Gig and Platform Economy.

What is the plan of the group?

The Employment Working Group of G20 is planning to work on the following areas:

  • The group will prioritize labor employment
  • Job-rich inclusive growth
  • Social issues
  • Employment
  • Sustainable jobs

More than 73 delegates are to attend the meeting. The delegates are expected from European Union, nineteen member countries, and nine guest countries. Spain, Netherlands, and Singapore are some of the guest countries to participate in the meeting.

Outcomes of the meet

The members are planning to launch an international skill gap mapping portal. Also, they will discuss and assess the skill demands in the member countries. Based on the assessment, they are planning to launch a framework with common taxonomies. The framework will focus on skills and qualification harmonization. Common taxonomy means a set of financial rules that are feasible to all the member countries.




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