Start-up Mahakumbh 2024

The Start-up Mahakumbh, a major event focused on promoting and celebrating India’s startup ecosystem, was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Bharat Mandapam in New Delhi. The event showcased the country’s emerging trends in innovation and startup culture, highlighting the government’s efforts to support and nurture entrepreneurship as part of its vision for a developed India by 2047.

Growth of India’s Startup Ecosystem:

The Prime Minister expressed satisfaction over the growth of the startup ecosystem in the country, attributing it to the right policies implemented by the government. He recalled the initial reluctance and indifference towards the concept of startups in society but noted that innovative ideas found a platform over time under the Startup India initiative. The development of an ecosystem connecting ideas with funding sources and incubators in academic institutions has provided facilities to the youth of tier 2 and tier 3 cities, fostering a social culture around startups that cannot be stopped.

Diversity and Reach of Startups:

Prime Minister Modi highlighted that the startup revolution is being led by small cities across a wide range of sectors, including agriculture, textiles, medicine, transport, space, yoga, and ayurveda. He specifically mentioned the work of Indian startups in more than 50 areas within the space sector, including the launch of space shuttles.

Changing Mindset and Youth Empowerment:

The Prime Minister commented on the changing mindset about startups, noting that they have challenged the notion that a significant amount of money is needed to start a business. He commended the youth of the country for choosing the path of becoming job creators rather than job seekers. India now boasts the third-largest startup ecosystem, with 1.25 lakh startups involving 12 lakh youth directly linked to them.

Digital India and Financial Inclusion:

The Prime Minister underlined the impetus provided by the Digital India initiative to startups, suggesting that colleges take it up as a case study. He specifically mentioned the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) becoming a pillar of support for fintech startups, leading to the development of innovative products and services that have expanded digital services in the country. UPI has strengthened financial inclusion and reduced the rural-urban divide while democratizing technology.

India’s Leadership in AI and Global Opportunities:

Prime Minister Modi emphasized the importance of a culture of innovation not just for India’s development but for humanity as a whole. He mentioned India’s initiative to provide a platform for global startups under Startup-20, which treats startups as the growth engine. The Prime Minister also highlighted India’s upper hand in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the numerous opportunities being created for young innovators and global investors with the advent of the AI industry. He mentioned the National Quantum Mission, India AI Mission, and Semiconductor Mission as key initiatives in this regard.

Important Facts for Exams:

  • The Start-up Mahakumbh event showcased innovations and startups from across the country, with participants displaying their products and services with great pride.
  • The Prime Minister took a walkthrough of the exhibition showcased at the event, interacting with entrepreneurs and innovators.
  • India’s startup ecosystem has seen remarkable growth in recent years, with the country now having the third-largest startup ecosystem in the world.
  • The government has launched various initiatives to support startups, including Startup India, Digital India, and the National Quantum Mission, among others.



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