Keltron Secures Contracts from Tamil Nadu

Kerala State Electronics Development Corporation (Keltron), a state-owned enterprise, has recently secured three significant work orders from the Tamil Nadu government, collectively valued at ₹1,076 crore. The orders, awarded through competitive bidding, involve the establishment of hi-tech IT labs, smart classrooms, and the supply of tablet computers for primary school teachers in Tamil Nadu.

Keltron’s IT Business Group:

Keltron’s IT Business Group has been instrumental in securing these substantial contracts, showcasing the company’s expertise in the education technology sector. The competitive tenders were floated by the Tamil Nadu Textbook and Educational Service Corporation, and Keltron emerged as the successful bidder.

Work Order Details:

Hi-Tech IT Labs and Command and Control Centre (₹519 crore): Keltron will establish 8,209 hi-tech IT labs in 7,985 schools across Tamil Nadu. The project also includes setting up a command and control centre to coordinate the functioning of these labs. Keltron will be responsible for the maintenance of the labs for a period of five years.
Components of the hi-tech labs include desktop computers, web cameras, indoor IP cameras, 5KVa UPS, internet routers, and network connectivity. The command and control centre will oversee the operation and management of these labs.

Smart Classrooms (₹455 crore): The second work order requires Keltron to establish 22,931 smart classrooms in various schools throughout Tamil Nadu. The smart classroom setup will include laptops, projectors, USB multimedia speakers, and interactive whiteboards.

Tablet Computers for Primary School Teachers (₹101 crore): Keltron will supply 79,723 tablet computers to primary school teachers in Tamil Nadu under this contract. The tablets will aid in the delivery of educational content and enhance the teaching-learning experience.

Keltron’s Experience in Education Technology:

Keltron has a proven track record of implementing smart classrooms and hi-tech labs in educational institutions. The company has 12 years of experience in running hi-tech classrooms and has successfully implemented smart classrooms in Kerala’s government schools.

Keltron’s expertise in setting up smart classrooms using the latest technology and quality materials at a competitive cost has been recognized by various state governments. The company has previously worked with the Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education (KITE) to supply IT equipment for smart classrooms in educational institutions across Kerala.

Prequalification for Tamil Nadu Tender:

Keltron’s extensive work experience in Kerala played a crucial role in its prequalification for the Tamil Nadu tender. The company’s successful implementation of smart classrooms in Kerala, as per the specifications provided by the Directorate of Public Instruction, demonstrated its capabilities and helped secure the contracts in Tamil Nadu.

Earlier Success in Odisha:

Prior to the Tamil Nadu contracts, Keltron had also won an order worth ₹168 crore to establish smart classrooms in Odisha. This earlier success further highlights the company’s growing presence in the education technology sector across multiple states in India.

Important Facts for Exams

Keltron was established in 1973 as a joint venture between the Government of Kerala and Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL), with the aim of promoting the electronics industry in Kerala.
In addition to its IT Business Group, Keltron has diverse business interests, including power electronics, communication equipment, and security systems.



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