Star Rating Registration Process for Coal and Lignite Mines

The Ministry of Coal has introduced the Star Rating Registration process for coal and lignite mines, aiming to foster competitiveness and acknowledge exceptional performance in the mining industry. This initiative serves as a platform to evaluate mines based on various parameters, highlighting their compliance with statutory provisions, adoption of advanced mining technology, economic achievements, and more.

Assessing Mines on Seven Key Parameters

The evaluation of mines in the Star Rating Registration process takes into account seven key parameters. These parameters include mining operations, environment-related factors, adoption of technologies, best mining practices, economic performance, rehabilitation and resettlement efforts, worker-related compliance, and safety and security measures. By assessing mines across these parameters, the ministry aims to gain comprehensive insights into their overall performance and sustainability.

Application and Evaluation Process

The notification for registration of coal and lignite mines for the Star Rating program was issued on May 30th, and the registration portal was made available from June 1st. Within a short span of time, 376 mines have already applied for participation, marking a record number of participants since the program’s inception in 2018-19. The registration portal will remain open until June 30th, providing an opportunity for more mines to join the process.

Mines that participate in the Star Rating Registration process are urged to engage in a comprehensive self-evaluation procedure, which must be finalized by July 31, 2023. The top 10% of mines that achieve the highest scores will then proceed to undergo additional validation through an inspection conducted by a committee. The remaining 90% of mines will go through an online review process. All participants can contribute to the evaluation by reviewing other mines, ensuring a collective effort towards comprehensive assessments.

Transparency and Impartiality in Evaluation

The assessment will be carried out by the Coal Controller’s Organization, guaranteeing a fair and transparent evaluation process. By October 31st, the comprehensive review will be finalized, followed by a Coal Controller review. The final results of the Star Rating Registration process will be published by January 31, 2024.

Driving Competitiveness and Responsible Mining Practices

The implementation of the Star Rating Registration process represents a crucial measure aimed at enhancing the overall performance and sustainability of coal and lignite mining in the nation. By fostering competitiveness and recognizing outstanding performance, this initiative aims to promote responsible mining practices and ensure the continued growth and development of the mining industry. The ratings awarded, ranging from Five Star to NO Star, will provide a comprehensive evaluation of each mine’s achievements, further encouraging the adoption of best practices and continuous improvement.



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