Sea Guardians-2 Maritime Exercise

Sea Guardians-2 Maritime Exercise was held from July 10 to July 13, 2022 at military port in Wusong, Shanghai.

About Sea Guardians-2 Maritime Exercise

  • It was organised by Pakistan Navy and Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy.
  • The navel exercise focuses improving joint response towards maritime security threats.
  • It is aimed at promoting the defence cooperation and enhance naval capabilities of navies from both the country.
  • The bilateral exercise also seeks to counter maritime security threats and consolidate the “Strategic Partnership between Pakistan and China”.
  • It was the second edition of exercise. The first edition was organised in northern Arabian Sea off Karachi, in January 2020.

Two phases of the exercise

The exercise was held in waters and airspace in Shanghai. It comprised of two phases viz., Port planning and maritime exercise. During the Port planning phase, navies of China and Pakistan conducted onshore activities like professional expertise exchanges & operational planning. During the Maritime exercise phase, training courses were features such as strikes against maritime targets, joint anti-submarine warfare, tactical manoeuvring, and joint support for damaged vessels.

Which warships took part in the exercise?

Naval drills were led by Rear Admiral Liu Zhigang of PLA navy and Commodore Rashid Mehmood Sheikh of Pakistan’s navy.  Pakistan was represented by advanced guided-missile frigate PNS (Pakistan Naval Ship) Taimur. China was represented by:

  1. Guided-missile frigates Xiangtan (531)
  2. Comprehensive supply ship Qiandaohu (886)
  3. Shuozhou (610)
  4. One submarine
  5. Two fighter jets
  6. One early warning aircraft
  7. One helicopter.

About PNS Taimur

It is the second fleet among four Types 054 A/P frigates, that is being built by China for the Pakistan Navy. PNS Taimur was formally commissioned into Naval fleet by Pakistan Navy on June 23, 2022. It is Pakistan’s most technologically advanced and highly capable fleet. It has surface-to-air, surface-to-surface, and underwater firepower including the extensive surveillance potential.



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