Revamped “DIGI-PHARMed” Application

The Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) is set to unveil the revamped “DIGI-PHARMed” application on December 1, featuring four integrated services. The primary objective is to regulate pharmacy education across India by facilitating the enrollment and registration of pharmacy institutions, pharmacists, pharmacy students, and pharmacist job seekers.

Inauguration and Objectives

Dr. Montu Kumar M Patel, President of PCI, will inaugurate the revamped “DIGI-PHARMed” Portal. The earlier version had limitations in scope, prompting the redesign to offer comprehensive digital services to pharmacy institutions, faculties, students, and job seekers in the pharmacy sector.

Cloud-Based End-to-End Services

The revamped “DIGI-PHARMed” Portal operates on a cloud-based application model, providing end-to-end services for pharmacy institutions, pharmacists, pharmacy students, and job-seeking pharmacists. The move aims to achieve total digitization of registration and enrollment services, saving time, reducing paper usage, enhancing user satisfaction, and improving administrative efficiency and transparency.

Collaboration for Quality Pharmacy Education

PCI plans to collaborate with the Quality Council of India (QCI), New Delhi, to develop an assessment and rating system. This system will focus on process and educational outcomes, fostering excellence in pharmacy education. The framework, comprising 11 criteria and associated parameters, will undergo pilot testing with select pharmacy institutes before full-scale implementation across the country.

Moving from Compliance to Excellence

The overarching goal is to enable pharmacy education institutes to transition from compliance to excellence. PCI’s collaboration with QCI under the “DIGI-PHARMed” initiative signifies a strategic move towards leveraging digital platforms for efficient regulation, assessment, and improvement of pharmacy education standards in India.



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