Rajasthan Platform Based GIG Workers (Registration and Welfare) Bill, 2023

In a landmark move, the state of Rajasthan has taken a significant step towards safeguarding the welfare of gig workers by introducing the Rajasthan Platform Based GIG Workers Bill, 2023. This progressive legislation aims to provide social security to gig workers and establish a comprehensive registration system through ‘The Rajasthan Platform Based Gig Workers Welfare Board.’

Empowering Gig Workers: The Unique Identification

Under this bill, gig workers will receive a unique identification, a uniform ID that will facilitate their access to a range of social security programs. This identification will empower gig workers to avail themselves of both broad and targeted welfare initiatives, providing them with the necessary safety nets in times of need.

Establishing the Gig Workers Welfare Board

A crucial component of this legislation is the establishment of ‘The Rajasthan Platform Based Gig Workers Welfare Board.’ This board will serve as a central registration authority where gig workers from across the state will register themselves with all the aggregators. The board will streamline the process of welfare fee deduction, integrating it with the aggregator app for seamless implementation.

Penalties for Non-Compliance

The bill emphasizes the importance of aggregator compliance with its provisions. In cases of non-compliance, heavy monetary penalties will be imposed on the aggregators. The penalties amount to ₹5 lakh for the first offense and ₹50 lakh for subsequent offenses, incentivizing aggregators to uphold the welfare of gig workers.

The Gig Economy’s Potential in India

According to projections, the gig economy in India is poised to witness substantial growth, with an estimated 23.5 million gig workers by 2030. This makes it crucial for the government to ensure that gig workers have access to social security benefits and are protected in their work environment.

Representation and Decision-Making

Apart from guaranteeing social security, the bill also prioritizes gig workers’ representation and decision-making processes concerning their well-being. By having a voice on the Gig Workers Welfare Board, they will play an active role in shaping policies and initiatives that directly impact their lives.



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