Quiz 615: GK for SSC

1. Tungbhadra multipurpose project is a joint venture of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.Tungabhadra is a tributary river of ___?


2. WL-711, DWL-5023 are varieties of ____?

Sonalika, Kalyana Sona, Chotti Lerma, WL-711, DWL-5023 are major varieties of Wheat

3. Deoni breed of cattle is generally found in which among the following states of India?
[D]Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh
Gir, Sindhi, Red Sindhi, Sahiwal, Tharparkar And Deoni are the main milch breed cattle of India. Gir is found in Saurashtra, Sindhi is found in Gujarat,
Rajasthan , Maharastra, Punjab and Haryana. Deoni is found in Andhra Pradesh.

4. Establishment of Svetambara as a separate sect within Jainism was resulted at ____?

It was the outcome of Jain monks council meeting held in the year of 453 or 466 CE

5. Who among the following founded the Depressed Classes Mission of India?
[A]Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar
[B]Vitthal Ramji Shinde
[C]Annabhau Sathe
[D]Shantabai Kamble

Vitthal Ramji Shinde
In 1906, Vithal Ramaji Shinde, founded depressed classes mission of India to provide education to the depressed classes.

6. Which among the following is called Magnacarta of English education?
[A]Wood’s Despatch
[B]Hartog Committee Report
[C]Minute on Indian Education by Lord Macauley
[D]None of above

Wood’s Despatch
Woods Despatch (19th July, 1854) is called a Magnacarta of English education and also as an Intellectual charter. It included the recommendations such as the construction separate department for administration for education in each state ;establishment of institutions for training teachers for all classes of schools ; maintenance of existing government colleges and high schools ;establishment of new middle schools ; increase attention to vernacular schools, indigenous or otherwise, for elementary education ;introduction of grant in aid to schools. In accordance with Wood’s despatch, Education Departments were established in every province and universities were opened at Calcutta, Bombay and Madras in 1857 and in Punjab in 1882 and at Allahabad 1887.

7. Under which among the following acts, Civil Services started in India?
[A]Charter Act 1813
[B]Charter Act 1833
[C]Charter Act 1853
[D]Act of 1861

Charter Act 1833
The civil services were started in under the Charter Act of 1833. In 1853, the civil services became an open competition however the exams were conducted in London only. The 1st exams were held in 1855 under the board of control’s supervision.

8. In which year, Land Holder’s society was established in India?

In 1838, Land Holder’s society was founded in Calcutta with a purpose to safeguard their land rights under the permanent settlement and to defeat by legal means any attempt of the government to resume rent-free lands.

9. In which country Indian Independence Committee was formed during British Era?

Indian Independence Committee was also known as Berlin committee and was formed in Germany in 1914 during world war I by Indian students and political activists. Important activist were Dr. Dhiren Sarkar, Chanji Kersasp, N.S. Marathe, Dr.J.N. Dasgupta, C.Padmanabhan Pillai.

10. What was the name of the first newspaper to announce the partition of Bengal on July 6th 1905?
[D]Anandabazar Patrika

Sanjivani was started by KK Mitra

11. The Fluvial Landforms are created by ___
[D]Mechanical Forces

Fluvial landform are shaped by running water (overland flow and stream flow). Fluvial processes are most important of all the exogenetic processes as
landform associated with them have overall dominance in the environment of terrestrial life

12. What is the upper limit of Richter scale?
[D]no limit

no limit
Richer scale was developed in 1935 by United States seismologist Charles Francis Richter. It is a logarithmic scale that runs from 1 to 9, though no upper limit exists, a magnitude 7 quake is 10 times more powerful than magnitude 6 quake.

13. Tibetan Plateau can be best placed in which among the following categories of Plateus?
[A]Continental Plateau
[B]Intermontane Plateu
[C]Volcanic Plateau
[D]Dissected Plateu

Intermontane Plateu
Plateaus are classified according to their surrounding environment.
1. Intermontane plateaus are the highest in the world, bordered by mountains. The Tibetan Plateau is one such plateau.
2. Piedmont plateaus are bordered on one side by mountains and on the other by a plain or sea.
3. Continental plateaus are bordered on all sides by the plains or seas, forming away from mountains.
4. Volcanic plateaus are produced by volcanic activity. The Columbia Plateau in the north-western United States of America is one such plateau.
5. Dissected plateaus are highly eroded plateaus cut by rivers and broken by deep narrow valleys.

14. Cape Agulhas makes the dividing point between which of the two oceans?
[A]Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean
[B]Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean
[C]Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean
[D]Arctic Ocean and Atlantic Ocean

Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean
Cape Agulhas is a rocky headland in the Western Cape, South Africa. It is the geographic southern tip of Africa and the official dividing point between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. (The actual division between the ocean currents is, however, a different matter. The point where the Agulhas current meets the Benguela current fluctuates seasonally between Cape Agulhas and Cape Point.) (wikipedia)

15. Which among the following spreads from Sasaram and Rohtas in Western Bihar to Chittaurgarh in Rajasthan?
[A]Aravali System
[B]Vindhyan System
[C]Dharwar System
[D]Cudappah System

Vindhyan System
Vidnyhan System stretches from sasaram and rohtas in western Bihar to chittaurgarh in Rajasthan. These rocks came into existence after cuddapah rocks. These are sedimentary rocks which are built from sandstone, shale, and limestones.

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