Quiz 325: Current General Awareness For All Examinations

1.Recently NREGA has completed 4 years, as the act was passed in 2005 and scheme started working in February 2006. In these 4 years its has attracted both enthusiasts and doubters. From the given options please find out one of the NREGA jobs which has absorbed almost half of the financial outlays of the scheme but has attracted maximum doubters?
(A)Gravel Road Construction
(B)Water Conservation and harvesting
(C)Irrigation Canals
(D)Tree Plantations
(E)None of them

2.Recently Kirit Parikh committee submitted its report. This Kirit Parikh committee was related to which of the following?
(A)Gurjars Reservation Issue in Rajasthan
(B)Oil & Petroleum Import Policy
(C)Oil Price Reforms
(D)Commodity Exchange Regulations
(E)Future Trade Reforms

3.Recently we read in the newspapers that SEBI’s new notification on February 4, 2010 has asked the banks and financial companies that the debt & money market instruments which have maturity up to 91 days will be subject to mark-to-market norms from July 1. At present securities with which of the following maturities come under mark-to-market norms?
(A)120 days
(B)182 days
(C)210 Days
(D)270 Days
(E)365 Days

4.Who among the following scientists is known for developing techniques for DNA fingerprinting and DNA profiling which are now used all over the world in forensic science to assist police detective work?
(A)Vernon Heywood
(B)Patrick Laidlaw
(C)Alec Jeffreys
(D)Heinz Wolff
(E)James Underwood

5.Who among the following is one of the 2009 Climate Award Winners of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)?
(A)Medha Patkar
(B)Dr. Ajit Rohatagi
(C)Dr. Rajendra Pachauri
(D)Sandeep Ganesh
(E)None of them

6.Bring out the correct combination of Olympic games and their venue:
(A)XXIX – Athens,XXX -Beijing, XXXI -London, XXXII Rio De Janeiro
(B)XXIX – Beijing,XXX -Athens, XXXI -Rio De Janeiro, XXXII Singapore
(C)XXIX – Beijing,XXX -Athens, XXXI -London, XXXII Rio De Janeiro
(D)XXIX – Athens,XXX -Beijing, XXXI -Rio de Janeiro , XXXII Undecided
(E)XXIX – Beijing XXX -London XXXI -Rio de Janeiro , XXXII Undecided

7.Which among the following represents the per capita income (per capita net national income at factor cost) in real terms, i.e. at 2004-05 prices, as per latest estimates of CSO (Central Statistical Organization) for 2008-09 ? `
(A)Rs. 35,430
(B)Rs. 40,141
(C)Rs. 28171
(D) Rs. 31,821
(E)None of them

8.At which of the following places took place the 60th Pearls National Basketball Championships in January 2010?

9.In which of the following months do India and Pakistan exchange their nuke installation lists every year?

10.Which of the following governments / agencies confers Indian Peace Medals ?
(A)United Nations
(B)United Kingdom
(C)United States
(D)Union Government of India

11.Which of the following paramilitary forces of India has recently proposed ” Intranet Prahari ” scheme for the computerization of its system?
(A)Border Security Forces
(B)Indo Tibetan Police Forces
(C)Central Reserve Police Forces
(D)Home Guards
(E)Central Industrial Security Forces

12.Lalit Suri Title is related to which of the following sports? (more than 1 options )
(C)Basket ball

13.What is India’s rank in steel production in the world ?

14.Which of the following bollywood star pair recently became India’s first to ring the opening bell of NASDAQ, the world’s biggest stock exchange in the United states?
(A)Sharukh Khan – Aishwarya Bachchan
(B)Shahrukh Khan – Kajol
(C)Ajay Devgan – Kajol
(D)Abhishek Bachchan – Aishwarya Bachchan
(E)None of them

15.As per the
this year and in 2011.’, STICKY, CAPTION, ‘More Details’);” onmouseout=”return nd();”>Global Economic Prospects 2010
report released by Word Bank Recently, which among the following what is the expected growth fraction of Global GDP this year (2010) ?
(E)negative 1.1%

16.On February 2, we observed World Wetland Day which marks the signing of Ramsar Convention in which of the following year ?

17.What is the total number of Ramsar Sites in India ?

18.Wipro , India’s one of the biggest IT giants has recently opened first Government Relations office in United States. Which place____?
(B)New York
(D)San Francisco

19.What has been proposed the duration of proposed Bachelor in Rural Medicine and Surgery (BRMS) degree which has been recently in mid of criticism?
(A)3 years with internship
(B)4 years with internship
(C)5 years with internship
(D)2.5 years without internship
(E)None of them

20.Jaihind TV which is a channel launched by Indian National Congress in 2007 is in which of the following languages?

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  • Anonymous

    thankyou sir for such a wonderful work….sir please clearify that India's rank in steel production is third or fourth…here the ans. is given fourth….but the very same question was asked in bank of india exam…in analysis dated 25th january 2010 it is given third while today it is given as fourth….so which is the correct option

  • Admin

    If it was published in our quizzes, do let me know the link. As far as India's latest position is concerned (July -October 2009) please download this document. The first paragraph solves your query


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    thanks a lot sir jee…..this is the link you had asked for……

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    Dear Jot , first of all congrats and I am waiting for your final selection. Please write with more details when u get selected, this site badly needs some success stories. thanks for sharing success and best of luck for ur final selection.

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    india's rank is 5th in steel production

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    the course duration for BRMS is three and half years only.