Prep Quiz 14: Basic General Knowledge For All Examinations

1.Since the last few decades, as our economy developed, the share of the tertiary sector of economy in the GDP has _________?
(C)Decreased then increased
(D)Increased then decreased
(E)remained unaltered

2.What is the duration of Current Foreign Trade Policy of India ?

3.Which of the following has highest share in India’s power generation?
(A)Atomic Power
(B)Hydro Power
(C)Thermal Power
(D)Nuclear Power
(E)None of them

4.In which year Mid Day Meal scheme was launched?

5.Government of India lays down stress on minimizing the inequalities of the economy among the people. Which of the following is not a measure that aims to reduce economic inequalities?
(B)Land Reforms
(D)Minimum Needs programme
(E)Employment generation programmes

6.The largest source of agricultural credit in India are as follows:
(A)Commercial Banks
(B)Scheduled Banks
(C)Cooperative Banks
(D)Regional Rural Banks
(E)Land Development Banks

7.Which among the following is the largest item of public expenditure for Union Budget?
(A)Defense Expenditure
(C)Loan Weavers
(D)Capital Expenditures
(E)Interest Payments

8.Which among the following estimates National Income of India?
(A)Reserve bank of India
(B)Planning Commission
(C)National Development council
(D)Ministry of Finance
(E)Central statistical Organization

9.Gujarat is largest producer state of which of the following commodities?
(A)Soya bean

10.In which schedule are mentioned the functions to be assigned to Panchayats by 73rd amendment bill?
(E)None of them

11.Who among the following is said to be a Friend and Guide of Public Accounts Committee?
(A)Prime Minister
(B)Finance Minister
(C)Governor of Reserve Bank of India
(D)Comptroller and Auditor General of India
(E)Attorney General

12.In which month of 1946, the interim government formed under the leadership of Jawahar Lal Nehru?

13.What was the number of the members in the Constitution drafting committee?

14.If any vacancy exists in the office of the President, it must be filled by _____?
(A)2 months
(B)6 months
(C)3 months
(D)1 year
(E)2 years

15.Which of the following amendment of the constitution gave rise to Sikkim as a new state of India?
(A)33th Amendment
(B)34th Amendment
(C)35th Amendment
(D)36th Amendment
(E)37th Amendment

16.In which of the following set of countries, the system of Judicial Review exists?
(A)India Only
(B)India & UK
(C)India & USA
(D)India , USA & UK
(E)India, Australia, USA & UK

17.Which of the following Prime Ministers is known to have never faced the parliament?
(A)Indra Kumar Gujaral
(B)Chaudhury Charan Singh
(C)Morar Ji Desai
(D)H D Devegowda
(E)Chandra Shekhar

18.Who among the following has the authority to specify as which castes will be deemed to be scheduled casts?
(A)Commission for Scheduled Castes and Tribes
(B)National Minority Commission
(C)Governor of Respective state

19.Article 21A providing Right to Education was inserted by which of the following amendments:

20.On which of the following dates Rajya Sabha had its first sitting?
(A)13 March 1952.
(B)11 August 1952.
(C)2 September 1952.
(D)13 May 1952.
(E)2 April 1952



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    15.Which of the following amendment of the constitution gave rise to Sikkim as a new state of India?

    (D)36th Amendment

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