Quiz 272: Current Awareness for All Examinations

1.Rajendra Sanam is related to which of the following sports?
(A)Disc Throwing
(E)None of them

2.According to a special edition issue of UNICEFs flagship ‘The State of the World’s Children’ released recently , the national mortality rate in India has come down from 117 in 1990 to ____ in 2007?

3.In context with Indian Navy , what is “Mhadei”?
(A)A training facility
(B)A sailing yacht
(C)A submarine
(D)A ship currently under construction
(E)None of them

4.In which state of India the fertilizer consumption is highest ?
(A)Uttar Pradesh
(C)Andhra Pradesh

5.Capital of which of the following states is called “Scotland of the east”?

6.Which among the following is the first state in India to introduce “Oak Tussar Industry”?
(A)West Bengal
(B)Tamil Nadu

7.Which among the following set up the Jharkhand Area Autonomous Council in 1995?
(A)Union Government
(B)Union Government & Jharkhand leaders through an agreement
(C)Union Government, Bihar Government & Jhalkhand leaders through an agreement
(D)Union Government and Bihar Government through an agreement
(E)Leaders of Jharkhand and Bihar Government through an agreement

8.In which state is India’s first integrated horticulture district?

9.Barak valley is an important part of which of the following states of India?
(C)Jammu & Kashmir
(E)Arunanchal Pradesh

10.Twang is an area in Arunanchal Pradesh in India, recently in news papers. It is world famous for which of the following?
(A)India China Nathula Pass
(B)India’s largest Buddhist monastery
(C)Tibetan Museum
(D)School for Buddhist Studies
(E)None of them

11.Which among the following states in India leads in Tendupatta Production? (It is used for making Biris)
(A)Madhya Pradesh
(C)Andhra Pradesh

12.The drainage basin of Gingee River forms a part of which of the following in India?
(C)Pondicherry (Puducherry)
(E)Dadra & Nagar Haveli

13.Who among the following has written the book :”Going Rogue: An American Life”, which recently got released and became popular?
(A)Sarah Palin
(B)Helen Jones-Kelley
(C)Terence Tolbert
(D)Haley Barbour
(E)None of the above

14.Who among the following head the committee constituted by the Railway Ministry on the usage of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in the Railways?
(A)Dr Amit Mitra
(B)Sam Pitroda
(C)Debabrata Bandyopadhyay
(D) S S Khurana
(E)V K Gupta,

15.Which among the following awards are not given at present?
(A)Jawaharlal Nehru Award
(B)Seoul Music Awards
(C)Crystal awards
(D)Lenin Peace Prize
(E)International Gamers Awards

16.In context with the international borders, Zero Point refers to an area on the border of which of the following neighbors?
(A)China North Korea
(B)Iran Pakistan
(C)Iran Iraq
(D)Pakistan Afghanistan
(E)Bangladesh Myanmar

17.Leon E Panetta is the chief of which of the following agencies? (He recently met heads of respective agencies of India)
(B)Central Intelligence Agency
(C)World Economic Forum
(E)None of them

18.In which of the following countries is currently going on the single-elimination tournament winning which the candidates of the World Chess Championship 2011 will be selected?

19.In which states of India the “Foreigners Detection Tribunals ” are active?
(B)Jammu & Kashmir

20.Who among the following is the New Governor of Assam ?
(A)Syed Sibtey Razi
(B)Janki Ballabh Patnaik
(C)Dr. Kamla
(D)D Y Patil
(E)None of them

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