Quiz 241: GK for SSC Examinations

Calamine lotion which is used as an antipruritic (anti-itching agent) to treat mild pruritic conditions contains which of the following?
Eutrophication is due to lack of oxygen and severe reductions in water quality, fish, and other animal populations which ultimately destroys the particular ecosystem. The main reason behind this is ____?
Appleton layer is a part of _______?
Mustard gas which is a cytotoxic, vesicant chemical warfare agents with the ability to form large blisters on exposed skin contains which of the following elements?
Which among the following explains the radiation emitted by black bodies?
Which among the following is a Mollusc?
Which state is famous for Lavi Fair?
In a bid to introduce competitive bidding for allocation of coal blocks and benefit consuming industries, the government will soon replace the Mines and Minerals Development Regulation Act. In which year this act was enacted?
Tipaimukh dam is a issue between which of the following countries?
Which among the following is India’s first Regional Rural Bank ?


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