President’s Standard

On March 25, 2023, the Indian Army’s Armoured Regiments were awarded the prestigious President’s Standard at an event held at the Suratgarh military station in Rajasthan’s Sriganganagar district. The presentation was made by Army chief General Manoj Pande, who commended the four regiments for their exemplary services.

What is the President’s Standard?

The President’s Standard is the highest honor bestowed by the Supreme Commander to a military unit in recognition of their service rendered to the nation. It is the same honor as the President’s Colours, which are awarded to a relatively smaller military formation or unit.

The Award Presentation

At the presentation event, four Armoured Regiments of the Indian Army received the President’s Standard. These were the 49 Armoured Regiment, 51 Armoured Regiment, 53 Armoured Regiment and 54 Armoured Regiment. The presentation ceremony was attended by dignitaries and senior military officials. The regiments were also part of a mounted parade, which showcased their strength and skill. The Chief of the Army Staff reviewed the parade and appreciated the rich legacy of valour, sacrifice and traditions displayed by the Armoured Corps in war and in peace.

The Significance of the President’s Standard

The President’s Standard is the highest honor a military unit can receive, and it recognizes their exceptional service to the nation. The Supreme Commander, who is the President of India, confers this honor to a military unit in recognition of their service to India. This award is a significant achievement for the four Armoured Regiments of the Indian Army, and it demonstrates their commitment to serving the nation with distinction.

The Armoured Corps

The Armoured Corps is one of the premier combat arms of the Indian Army. It is responsible for providing support to the infantry by providing armored vehicles, tanks, and other combat support vehicles. The Armoured Corps has a rich history and has been involved in many operations, both in India and abroad. The regiments awarded the President’s Standard have made significant contributions to the Armoured Corps and the Indian Army as a whole.



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