Indian Army

20th Anniversary of victory at Kargil

The celebrations of 20th Anniversary of the victory in Operation Vijay at Kargil has begun by illuminating the Victory Flame at National War Memorial. The theme of the 20thanniversary of the Kargil Vijay Diwas is‘Remember, Rejoice and Renew’. The teme underlines that “we remember our martyrs by revisiting their sacrifices, we rejoice by celebrating the ..


Taxing of Disability Pension

The Army personnel can develop a disability while in service through an injury or disease. Based on the degree of disablement, he/she can be either retained in service or can be invalided out of service. When the disability is 20 per cent or more then the army personnel is entitled to disability pension. Disability pension ..

Net Security Provider: Concept, India’s Potential in Indian Ocean Region

The phrase Net security provider was first used by US Defence Secretary Robert Gates in the Indian context at the 2009 Shangri-la Dialogue. The US considered India as the pivot in the Indian Ocean and using such phrase for India could explain the US zeal to sell its military components and seek joint patrols with ..

Weapons and Arms of Indian Army

The equipment of the Indian army include Infantry weapons such as small arms, rockets & mortars; Vehicles, Combat vehicles such as battle Tanks, Artillery, Missile Systems and Aircrafts. Most of the equipments are imported with an increasingly use of indigenous components and equipments. For tactical air transport, logistics etc. Army Aviation Corps is main responsible ..

Indian Army: Important Facts

Current form of Indian army finds its origin from East India Company’s military department created at Kolkata in 1776. Gradually, three Presidencies of Bengal, Bombay and Madras organized their separate armies until 1895 when they were unified into single Indian Army. At that time, Indian Army had four commands viz. Punjab, Madras, Bengal and Bombay.  ..