Key Decisions at Army Commanders Conference 2023

The Indian Army recently concluded its Army Commanders Conference (ACC), which was held from April 17-21. The conference was attended by the Army Commanders, Director-General of Military Operations, and various other senior officers. It was held in a hybrid mode for the first time, with both in-person and virtual participation.

The aim of the conference was to review and discuss the Army’s operational preparedness and modernization plans. Several major decisions were taken during the conference, including the induction of a large number and variety of niche tech-enabled equipment, such as drones, electronic warfare, and anti-drone apparatus.

CCOSWs’ Focus and Aim

The decision to activate the Command Cyber Operations and Support Wings (CCOSWs) was made during the Army Commanders’ Conference, taking into consideration the needs of the grey zone and the disclosure of cyber warfare capabilities. This unit will aid formations in carrying out necessary cybersecurity tasks to enhance the Indian Army’s cybersecurity position. The aim of raising CCOSWs is to strengthen the cyber security posture of the Army and safeguard the networks.

TES Model Changes

The Technical Entry Scheme (TES) model for officers’ entry as B.Tech graduates has undergone changes. The current TES model has been converted from a five-year model to a four-year (3+1) model, with the duration of technical training at Cadet Training Wings (CTWs) under the new TES model being three years. Basic Military Training (BMT) will be conducted at IMA, Dehradun under the new TES model.

Training for Paralympic Events

The leadership and organization are responsible for the well-being of soldiers and therefore, it was decided to train certain enthusiastic soldiers in nine different sports events, including Paralympic sports, using the facilities available at the Army Sports and Mission Olympic Nodes. This is aimed at harnessing the unbeatable determination and “never give up” attitude of soldiers.

Lead Directorates and Test Bed Formations

The Army is setting up Lead Directorates and Test Bed formations to evolve optimal employment philosophies and scaling to facilitate better exploitation of futuristic technologies pan Army. This initiative is aimed at enabling the Army to keep up with the latest technologies and stay ahead of its adversaries.



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