Revamped Monument Mitra Scheme

The scheme will bring more than a thousand monuments under the private sector. The private sector will revamp the monuments. They will do this as a part of their Corporate Social Responsibility. Revamping means improving a structure or changing its appearance. The scheme is to be implemented by the Ministry of Culture. A thousand monuments selected under the scheme are now under the maintenance of the Archaeological Survey of India.


Under the scheme, the Ministry of Culture will sign at least 500 agreements with private sectors before August 15, 2023. The ministry aims to accomplish half the goal before Azad Ka Amrit completes it in 2023.

What is the plan?

The monuments will be revamped in terms of amenities. The monuments will get sound and lighting systems. More shops will be opened. Steps to develop tourism will be implemented.


The Ministry of Culture is working hard to replenish the historical places in the country. During the G20 summit, the ministry is to showcase a digital museum to the leaders attending the meet. The digital museum will exhibit different historical places in the country.


Ministry of Culture tableau has been built on the theme “Shakti Rupen Sanshita”. That is, worshipping goddesses. This signifies the need for women’s empowerment in the country. A group of dancers will perform on the theme of Nari Shakti.



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