Postpartum Depression

After childbirth, mothers experience mood swings, anxiety, and crying spells. They are generally referred to as “Baby Blues” and are technically called postpartum depression. It occurs in every mom irrespective of their income level, support system, family, friends, etc. It may last for two to three days or even for weeks. A recent UK study says that the intensity of postpartum depression is increasing lately and has become one of the leading causes of suicides among new mothers.

What is postpartum depression?

It is not a weakness or character flaw. It is a side effect of giving birth! The mothers feel sad and have an urge to cry aloud; as if something terrible has happened.

Peripartum depression

Usually, depression occurs after childbirth. However, if the depression occurs before childbirth, that is, during pregnancy, it is called peripartum depression.

Postpartum psychosis

It is a deep mood disorder. Here the mothers face terrible mood swings and anxiety. Such mothers face sleep disorders, are pumped with energy, are delusive, and even may attempt to harm the baby!

Causes of postpartum depression

Hormonal changes. The estrogen and progesterone change rapidly during childbirth. Their levels drop all of a sudden Such sudden reduction cannot be handled by some ladies and they face severe postpartum depression



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