Hollow Hog to help Australia’s Endangered Wildlife

Logging and bushfires are destroying animal habitats in Australia and endangering wildlife. To protect them and prevent their extinction, Matt Stephens created a tool. It is called a Hollow hog and is used to make holes in trees. Matt is a conservation biologist. The holes created using the tool act as homes for the animals and birds in the wild.

About Hollow Hog

The tool has tungsten blades and can create holes within one hour. The holes last for more than a hundred years and will act as a home for the animals in the wild. More than thousands of holes have been created in Australia using the tool.

Need for the tool

A natural hollow takes at least 70 years to form. And there are more than 303 animal species in the country that depend on the hollows. They use the hollows as shelter and nest. Some of the animals that use hollows are Rainbow Lorikeets, Marsupials, rosellas, etc.

Working of Hollow hog

The tool first creates a 500 mm of entry hole. It then carves out wood up to 600 mm deep and 600 mm wide. It can also create holes of different shapes and sizes.


The holes will act as a good breeding spot for birds and animals. After creating the hole, the tool inserts an entry modifier to ensure that the tree doesn’t grow over in that part. This way the holes stand longer.



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