Postpartum Depression

After childbirth, mothers experience mood swings, anxiety, and crying spells. They are generally referred to as “Baby Blues” and are technically called postpartum depression. It occurs in every mom irrespective of their income level, support system, family, friends, etc. It ..



What is the Heartbeat Bill?

Texas recently passed the Heartbeat Bill. It is a controversial bill in the United States. The bill bans abortions after the heartbeat of the embryo is detected. It is usually detected after 6 weeks of gestation. Which states have passed ..


Argentina Abortion Laws

Argentina recently became the largest Latin American country to legalize abortion. What are the key features of new Argentina abortion law? Under the new law Argentina has legalised abortion up to the 14th week of pregnancy. In India, abortion is legal ..


United Nations Still Birth Report

The United Nations recently launched a report on stillbirths titled “A Neglected Tragedy: The Global Burden of Stillbirths”. The report was created by UNICEF, World Health Organisation, World Bank and the United Nations department of economic and social affairs. The ..


Low Birth Weight and Child Mortality

A new research paper developed by experts from the World Health Organization, UNICEF and the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, published in The Lancet Global Health makes the following observations: More than 20 million babies were born with low ..

Testing Pregnant Women for Gestational Diabetes

Gestational Diabetes refers to high blood sugar level that develops during pregnancy and usually disappears after giving birth. Even though it can occur at any stage of pregnancy, but is more common in the second half. Gestational diabetes occurs when ..