Pocket Map of Kartavya Path

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently unveiled a pocket map of Kartavya Path during the International Museum Expo held at Pragati Maidan. The map showcases various State Houses and historic cultural institutions located near the iconic India Gate complex.

Kartavya Path: A Renaming Initiative

In September 2022, Rajpath, the ceremonial boulevard connecting Raisina Hill to India Gate, was renamed as Kartavya Path. The renaming aimed to emphasize the importance of duty and responsibility. The unveiling of the pocket map is a testament to the commitment to promote the rich cultural heritage that aligns with Kartavya Path.

International Museum Expo and Museum Day

The pocket map was unveiled during the International Museum Expo, an event that hosts around 1,200 museums across various segments. The expo coincided with International Museum Day, celebrated worldwide on May 18. This synchronicity further enhances the significance of the pocket map and its promotion of cultural institutions.

State Houses and Cultural Landmarks

The pocket map provides valuable information on several State Houses, including Kota House, Hyderabad House, and Jaipur House. Hyderabad House, known for hosting foreign dignitaries, and Jaipur House, housing the National Gallery of Modern Arts, are prominent cultural landmarks that add to the allure of Kartavya Path. The map also highlights the Union Ministry of Culture’s institutions, such as the National Museum and the National Archives of India.

Rajpath’s Historical Evolution

Originally known as Kingsway, Rajpath played a crucial role in the transition of power during the colonial era. From witnessing the dawn of Independence to hosting Republic Day celebrations, Rajpath symbolizes India’s journey from colonial rule to a free and democratic nation. The renaming of Rajpath as Kartavya Path carries deeper symbolism, emphasizing the duty and responsibility of every citizen.

The Virtual Walkthrough of the National Museum

Alongside the pocket map unveiling, Narendra Modi also unveiled a captivating “virtual walkthrough” of the upcoming national museum. The museum will be housed in the historic North and South Blocks of the Central Secretariat on the Raisina Hill complex. This visionary project promises to showcase India’s rich history and cultural heritage in an immersive and engaging manner.



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