What is White Card in Football Match?

The referees show red and yellow cards for foul play in Football. These cards have been in the game since the inception of the FIFA World Cup, that is, 1970. However, a white card was recently introduced. The Referee shall use the white card to recognize fair play. The first white card was used on January 21, 2023, in a match between Sporting Lisbon and Benfica (Football teams in Portuguese) in the city of Lisbon.

What is White Card?

The concept of the white card was started by Portugal. The country aims to increase the ethical value in sports by introducing the white card. As the card encourages fair and just play, players will be motivated to play ethically.

Yellow card in Football

The yellow card is a caution given to the players on the field. The referee notes the nature of foul, time, and other details in his handbook. It is called booking. Based on his notes, he issues a caution to the players using his yellow card.

Red Card in Football

When a Referee shows a red card, a player should leave the pitch. The referee shows a red card when the players break the rules.

What about India?

If a white card is to be introduced in India, then the All India Football Federation should recognize it. However, if the Indian team is playing at FIFA and FIFA agreed to a white card, then AIFF will also agree to it.



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