India and Egypt declare Strategic Partnership

The Egyptian President Sisi is the Chief Guest of the 2023 Republic Day celebrations of India. During his visit, he met PM Modi, and the leaders discussed on boosting the business ties between the countries. With the trade between the countries touching 12 billion USD in the last five years, the countries have now entered into Strategic Partnership. When two countries sign the strategic partnership agreement, they become close. They understand the nature of threats mutually and help each other in mitigating the threats.

What does External Affairs Ministry say about Strategic Partnership Agreement?

Mutual understanding and long-term confidence are what India looks for in strategic partnership agreements. Sometimes, India restricts this agreement to some sectors alone. For instance, India restricts political, trade, defense, science and technology, and culture in its strategic partnership agreement with Russia.

What does the Strategic Partnership Agreement between India and Egypt say?

  • With Egypt, India has signed the agreement on terrorism. The countries will work together in resolving cross-border terrorism
  • Also, the agreement will focus in areas such as cyber security, Information Technology, youth, culture, and broadcasting

Why is India interested in Egypt?

India sees Egypt as a Gateway to the European and African countries. Just like it sees the North Eastern States as a Gateway to South East Asia and East Asia. Also, Egypt plays a major role in the politics of Africa and the Arab world.



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