Sweden International Information Campaign

The Sweden Government recently launched an international campaign to reduce the number of migrants to the country. The campaign is called International Information Campaign. The campaign will spread information about the migration policy of Sweden.

About the campaign

During the campaign, the Sweden Government will create contact points in foreign countries. It will meet the respective foreign authorities at these contact points and will share its migration policy here.

Why is Sweden launching the campaign?

According to the Sweden Government, in 2019, 76% of the refugees who arrived in the Nordic countries ended up in Sweden. Sweden is planning on decreasing this number by adopting this campaign. Nordic countries are Norway, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, and Sweden. Apart from these countries, it also includes an autonomous region of Aland and the autonomous region of the Faroe Islands and Greenland.

Future Plan – To reduce Refugee Quota

This future plan is related to the United Nations’ plan for refugees. This is often referred to as the REFUGEE QUOTA. What is Refugee Quota? The UNHCR, United Nations Refugee Agency chooses a country for the refugees that fled their homes due to war, natural calamities, and other unavoidable reasons. Sweden is now planning on reducing this number from 5,000 to 900. Sweden has been welcoming refugees and resettling them since 1950. However, the numbers have increased in the recent past.



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