U-WIN Platform

Several healthcare authorities are finding it difficult to keep track of the next dose of the COVID vaccine and also facing missing vaccination cards, especially among pregnant women and children. To solve this problem, the Universal Immunisation Programme of India launched the U-WIN platform. The platform will register details of vaccination doses provided to pregnant women in the country. Post-pregnancy, the platform will administer birth doses.

About U-WIN Platform

It is a replica of Co-WIN. Co-Win has been the backbone of India in administering COVID vaccine to the citizens. The platform allows users to register for vaccination slots. It holds every detail about the user being vaccinated. It also has information about the next vaccination due. GoI launched the U – WIN platform based on the huge success of the Co–Win platform.

Features of U – WIN

  • To register the details of the pregnant women being vaccinated
  • Records the delivery outcomes. That is, holds post-delivery information such as if the baby is safe, or is the mother safe. Or a mishap occurred and one of them died.
  • It will also hold information about antigen coverage. The antigen is a foreign substance to the human body. COVID virus has antigenic components.




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