APEDA to use River Names for Branding

The Government of India has been trying to increase its agricultural exports by exhibiting agricultural and processed food products in foreign countries. APEDA was a pioneer in realizing this vision. The active role of APEDA increased agricultural exports to 25.6 billion USD in 2021-22. This is 51% of the total agricultural exports of the country. Moving ahead, APEDA is to use the major river names to brand Indian agricultural products.

What is the plan?

The Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority will use the names of rivers such as Ganga, Brahmaputra, Cauvery, Godavari, etc. to name its agricultural products. This will increase the reach of the products.


After COVID, people are moving towards natural and nutritious foods. Many Indians, especially the NRIs are looking for traditional food options. When the customer is looking for his roots, naming a product in the same context will increase the business of the product.  GoI started promoting AYUSH medicines for the same reason. Our ancestors led a healthy life because of their food habits. Modern youngsters are searching for such good old food habits. Therefore, naming the food products after the rivers will aid in promotion. Also, it will increase the value of water!



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