Odisha aims to become India’s First Malaria-Free State

The State of Odisha which had a distinction of accounting about 40 per cent of malaria cases in the country is now working to eliminate the mosquito-borne disease altogether over the next five years.


Malaria is a contagious disease caused by plasmodium parasites. The disease is transmitted to humans through the bites of infected mosquitoes. When these infected mosquitoes bites humans, they release the parasite into the bloodstream.

Mosquito Aedes aegypti which is a known vector of several viruses including yellow fever virus, dengue virus is a key vector of malaria.

Malaria Action Coalition

The government of Odisha has launched the Malaria Action Coalition in collaboration with ‘Malaria No More’ India which is a non-profit organisation working to support India’s 2030 malaria elimination goal.

The Malaria Action Coalition is a multi-sectoral coordination platform, chaired by Odisha Government, with representation from non-Government technical, research and implementation agencies as well as private sectors, donors, investors and media partners to support the National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme of the state Government.

Features of Malaria Action Coalition
  • Promoting strong political buy-in, policy and media commitment
  • Advancing knowledge synthesis to policy translation
  • Strengthening programmatic action through innovative tools and technology
  • Facilitating multi-sectoral commitment

The Malaria Action Coalition provides for a platform that brings together efforts of various stakeholders on a single platform and will seamlessly fill that gap and bring new insights which will make the fight against malaria inclusive and intensive.

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