Madhya Pradesh government offers cows for adoption online

The state government of Madhya Pradesh is launching an online service for those wanting to adopt a cow and provide sheds to them at gaushalas (cow shelters) across the State. People can adopt a cow for a minimum period of 15 days and can go on supporting it till animal’s lifetime. This initiative is part of Madhya Pradesh government’s ‘Project Gaushala’.

Key Highlights

Contributions: Through the online service to be offered by government, donors would be able to pick a gaushala from 626 in State, and pay the amount to fulfil a cow’s diet of half a kilo (0.5 kg) of grain, 5 kilos of green feed and 10 kilos of wheat chaff a day, in case of a non-lactating, non-pregnant cow. Paying for a cow’s feed for 15 days would cost Rs.1,100 and for taking care of cow’s diet for 10 years would cost Rs.3 lakh while feeding a cow for 6 months would cost Rs.11,100. Each contributor will be featured on Animal Husbandry Department’s website and receive a certificate.

Initially the donors would not be able to pick a specific cow to feed but if the service receives a positive response, the state department may post details of cows with photographs online so that donors could pick their choice.

Donation overview: District Collectors would be responsible for making sure that donations are put to desired use and state Department will keep donors informed.

Users: The online service could be used by donors, including NRIs who could pay gaushala managers directly for a borewell, a bull, a biogas plant or a shed. A bull would cost donors Rs.1.5 lakh that the Department would procure from other States to designated gaushala.

Why MP has taken the step? There are nearly 7 lakh abandoned cattle in MP and 13 lakh left on streets by rearers during the day, therefore Gaushalas manages to houses at least 75% stray cattle.


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