New Marine Tardigrade Species in Indian Waters

Researchers at the Cochin University of Science and Technology (Cusat) have unveiled an exciting discovery—a new species of marine tardigrade. Named Batillipes kalami, this minuscule creature was found off the southeast coast of Tamil Nadu, India, and has been christened in honor of the late former Indian President and renowned scientist, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

About Tardigrades

Tardigrades, often affectionately called “water bears,” are diminutive animals known for their microscopic size and extraordinary resilience. They are captivating creatures due to their uncanny ability to survive extreme conditions, including desiccation, extreme temperatures, and even the vacuum of space.

The Uniqueness of Batillipes kalami

Batillipes kalami is no ordinary tardigrade. It has earned its distinction as the second marine tardigrade species ever discovered in Indian waters and the first to be identified on the east coast. Measuring an average of 170 micrometers in length, this species features a trapezoid-shaped head adorned with filament-like appendages. It boasts four pairs of legs, each equipped with sensory spines of varying lengths.

A Tribute to A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

The species name, Batillipes kalami, carries a profound meaning. It pays tribute to the late Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, India’s former President and a prominent scientist. The naming choice reflects the fact that this new tardigrade species was discovered in proximity to Dr. Kalam’s hometown, Rameswaram. This recognition underscores Dr. Kalam’s enduring commitment to science and technology.

Expanding Our Understanding of Marine Tardigrades

The discovery of Batillipes kalami is not just about naming a new species; it adds to our knowledge of marine tardigrade biodiversity within the Indian subcontinent. It emphasizes the importance of dedicated research along the Indian coastline to uncover the hidden world of these microorganisms. This naming also serves as a means to increase awareness of marine biodiversity and scientific achievements in India.

The Challenges of Studying Marine Tardigrades

Marine tardigrades pose unique challenges to scientists. They are even smaller than their terrestrial counterparts, requiring specialized microscopic techniques for observation and analysis. Additionally, the taxonomy of marine tardigrades, particularly those in Indian waters, remains relatively obscure, necessitating further research and taxonomic descriptions to shed light on these fascinating creatures.



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