NASSCOM Report on AI skill penetration

The National Association of Software and Services Companies, NASSCOM released a report on “Artificial Intelligence Penetration”. The report was launched along with DRAUP and SALESFORCE. According to the report, the AI penetration of India is 3.09. This is the highest among all G20 countries and OECD countries. The report also says India will have more than one million AI professionals by 2024.

Key Findings of the Report

  • AI-led core sectors of India are expected to add 500 billion USD to the economy
  • In 2022, the demand for AI in India was 629,000. However, the talent base stalled at 416,000
  • The current demand-supply gap of AI in the country is 51%. It is lower than the developed economies like the United States
  • 73% of the AI jobs in India are taken by five major role players. They are data engineer, ML engineer, data architect, data scientist, data engineer, and DevOps engineer
  • ML engineers and Data engineers alone constitute 46% of total AI jobs


To achieve its complete potential in the AI field, India has to enhance its skills in the field, launch more AI-related schemes, add AI to academics and put in other efforts.

Current Scenario of AI in India

Today there are 1,900 AI-based startups in India. Most of these startups operate in the field of disease detection, NLP, fraud prevention, fake detection, etc. The government of India is planning to establish three AI Centres of Excellence.



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