Qatar lifts temporary ban on Indian Frozen Seafood

In November 2022, Qatar detected Vibrio Cholera in Indian consignments. Following this, the country banned seafood from India. This was done just before the FIFA world cup. Qatar hosted the 2022 FIFA and testing laboratories were occupied with FIFA-related assignments. Due to a lack of testing laboratories, Qatar banned seafood from India.

China’s Ban on Indian seafood

Recently, China too lifted its ban on Indian sea foods. China banned seafood imports from India in 2020. According to China, there were COVID traces on the seafood from India.


India is planning to increase its seafood production and exports. The country has set a target to achieve 14 billion USD by 2025. Also, India is promoting sea cage fishing. More than 100 spots have been identified. It is essential for India to maintain good international relationships to increase the export of seafood.



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