PM Modi hold talks with the Egyptian President

The Egyptian President Sisi has arrived in India. He is the Chief Guest of the 2023 Republic Day celebrations. The President met PM Modi and the leaders discussed bilateral trade and the global interests of the countries. President Sisi will also meet the Indian business communities. As a part of his visit to India, the countries will sign six agreements. However, the agreements are to be signed at diplomatic levels. This is Sisi’s third visit to India as a President. Earlier he visited India in 2015 to attend the India-Africa forum. His second visit was in 2016 and it was a state visit, meaning during his second visit India and Egypt held one on one discussions.


Abdel Fattah El Sisi, the Egyptian President is to attend the 75th republic day celebrations of India. His visit is of historic importance to both countries. On the sidelines of the visit, the countries are to take their trade relations to next level. Currently, India-Egypt trade stands at 7.26 billion USD (as of 2021-22).

What is India’s plan in inviting Sisi?

India has maritime interests in the Gulf region and Egypt. According to GoI, moving close with Egypt and Gulf countries will help India deal with the maritime tensions in the Gulf region. With the demolition of the Babur Mosque and the new Ram Mandir in Ayodhya may bring Islamic hatred to India. To ease these tensions, it is essential we develop good relations with these Gulf countries. Gulf region has an affinity towards Pakistan. This is yet another reason for India to focus on Gulf countries and Egypt. Also, the Gulf is the oil hub. So any hurdles with these countries will affect India’s oil trade.



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