‘Mujib- The Making of a Nation’ Film

The feature film, ‘Mujib- the Making of a Nation’ portrays the relations between India and Bangladesh. Shyam Benegal has directed this film.

Where was the trailer for this film launched?

The trailer for this film was launched by Anurag Thakur, Union Minister of Information and Broadcasting, and Dr. Hasan Mahmud, Bangladesh broadcasting Minister on 19th Amy 2022 on the third day of the Cannes Film Festival. India is the Country of Honour at the Marche du Film Festival (Cannes Film Festival).

What is the movie about?

This movie is a co-production between the National Film Development Corporation of India (NFDC) and the Film Development Corporation (FDC) of Bangladesh. The producers of the film are the Ministry of Information Broadcasting, Bangladesh, and the Ministry of Information Broadcasting, India. The film’s total budget is more than USD 10 million or INR 75 Crores. The budget has been shared between India and Bangladesh in a 40:60 ratio respectively. This film is a tribute to Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. It will also mark 50 years of the formation of Bangladesh. The film’s release has been delayed due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and it is expected to be released by the end of 2022.

Who was Sheikh Mujibur Rahman?

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was widely known as Bangabandhu. He was a politician in Bangladesh and is regarded as Bangladesh’s Father of the Nation. While he was imprisoned in West Pakistan during the Bangladesh Liberation War, he was named Bangladesh’s Provisional Government President. After the end of the Bangladesh Liberation War, he returned to the country and was sworn in as the Prime Minister. He served in this post until he adopted the one-party, presidential system in the country. After this, he also served as the nation’s President.

He was a founding member of the Awami League which was established in the year 1949 in Pakistan to oppose the Muslim League. He eventually became a leader of this party. He became well known for his oratory skills and his working against the discrimination that was being faced by Bengalis in Pakistan.

When was Sheikh Mujibur Rahman assassinated?

On 15th August 1975, Mujib along with his wife, three sons, and personal staff were killed by a group of junior army officers who had invaded the presidential residence. Only his daughters Sheikh Rehana and Sheikh Hasina escaped as they were visiting West Germany at the time. The coup was planned by the disgruntled colleagues of Mujib who were also a part of the Awami League and other military officers including Khondaker Mostaq Ahmad, Mujib’s former confidant. Later in the year 1996, Sheikh Hasina returned to Bangladesh and became Prime Minister. She sentenced to death a dozen army officers who were responsible for the death of her father. The current Prime Minister of the country is Sheikh Hasina.



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