Third Advance Estimates for Production of Major Crops 2021-22

The Union Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare has released the third advance estimate of the production of major agricultural crops for 2021-22.

What do the advance estimates say?

  • The food grains production in the country has been estimated at 314.51 million tonnes which is a record high and is higher by 3.77 million tonnes from the food grain production during 2020-21.
  • During 2021-22, the average food grain production was higher by 23.80 million tonnes as compared to the previous five years from 2016-17 to 2020-21.
  • There has been an estimated record production of maize, rice, oilseeds, pulses, rapeseed, gram, sugarcane, and mustard.

As per the 3rd Advance Estimates, what is the estimated production of major crops during the year 2021-22?

  • Rice: 129.66 million tonnes (record production)
  • Food grains: 314.51 million tonnes
  • Wheat: 106.41 million tonnes
  • Maize: 33.18 million tonnes. (record production)
  • Coarse/ Nutri Cereals 50.70 million tonnes
  • Tur: 4.35 million tonnes
  • Pulses: 27.75 million tonnes. (record production)
  • Oilseeds: 38.50 million tonnes. (record production)
  • Gram: 13.98 million tonnes. (record production)
  • Soyabean: 13.83 million tonnes
  • Groundnut: 10.09 million tonnes
  • Sugarcane: 430.50 million tonnes (record production)
  • Mustard and Rapeseed: 11.75 million tonnes (record production)
  • Mesta and Jute: 10.22 million bales which are 180 kg each
  • Cotton: 31.54 million bales which are 170 kg each

How has the assessment date been gathered?

The assessment of the production of various crops is based on the data that was received from the various states across the nation and has been validated with information that is available from other sources.




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