Micronutrient formulation from KAU

The Kerala Agriculture University has developed a micronutrient formulation to deal with micronutrient deficiencies among the crops. The Sampoorna KAU Multimix was developed in light of the recent reduction in top soil quality as a consequence of heavy rain and floods over the past two years. the formulation is crop specific and can be used for banana, rice and vegetable crops. It is to be sprayed prior to seedling transplantation at the concentration of 5g per litre. It requires repeated application with an interval of 30 to 50 days in between. After transplantation, the application is at a concentration of 10g per litre of water. It can also be used for broadcast crops at a concentration of 5g per litre, 20 days after sowing. It also requires repeated application. The Krishi Vigyan Kendra is involved in frontline demonstration of this formulation in several districts in Kerala.

Micronutrients are components that are essential for plant growth in addition to macronutrients like potassium and nitrogen. Some important micronutrients are copper, zinc, iron, boron, etc.

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